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By placing an order for the manufacture of clothing in the company "Nika-Text", you will receive a finished product that meets all the necessary criteria to meet the needs of employees in your industry: reliability, protection, practicality, convenience, quality and aesthetics. The use of practical and wear-resistant materials makes our products durable. Your employees will feel comfortable and reliable, which is one of the elements of an impeccable performance of official duties.
продукція ніка текст +

We provide our customers with laboratory tests, a quality certificate and together with the order-a product passport and a test report.
For large wholesale orders, we provide full order support, including delivery of finished products and preparation of necessary documents.
We make our products from any materials, while helping the client, if necessary, assistance in the selection of high-quality and proven materials.
At the request of the client, we supplement the clothes with personalized stripes.